Self Evaluation of Reading

Overall, I am very pleased with my reading progress thus far. In September I set a goal for myself that by the end of 2016 I will have read 2 books from every continent on Earth, excluding Antarctica for obvious reasons. I am well on my way to completing this goal, and currently have Asia, Europe, and North America checked off my list as well as half way through South America. I have a list of novels I intend to get through in order to complete my literary trip around the world, and as such I feel well-prepared to meet my goal.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to take a break from this task as of late as I’ve had to focus a lot my allotted reading time focusing on reading One Act Plays, particularly the continuous rereading of a piece known as Take Five. The reason for this has been that I am actually directing this piece in hopes of having it compete at a provincial level. Directing is incredibly monopolizing in terms of reading, as it requires continuous reads of one’s script. This also explains why my page number count has decreased over time. Something else that decreased my numbers was that my reading of The Poisonwood Bible in term three was also an in-depth annotation of my copy of the text, meaning that a novel that normally takes a week for me to get through took me a month. Despite this deceleration of pace, annotating that novel was something I have been wanting to do for a long time in order to heighten my understanding of it. In the end, I was successful in that respect, as I feel I understand the novel on a level I did not previously comprehend. As well, it has reaffirmed its place as my favourite book thanks to the time I was able to spend with it.  Overall, I am proud of what I have accomplished considering how busy I have been, and am very excited to get back on track to complete my reading goals for the rest of this year.