Requiem for Loneliness: An Emulation of Dr. Seuss

The following is an emulation of Dr. Seuss based on an excerpt from his book 
Oh, the Places You’ll Go! As graduation approaches, I find this work strikes a chord in me about my fears as to what I am about to leave behind. The following emulation is an attempt to comment on that. All words are my own, with the exception of the first stanza in italics, which is the work of Dr. Seuss himself. 

All alone!
Whether you like it or not,
alone will be something
you’ll be quite a lot.

At first you won’t like it.
That’s simple to say.
Alone is something we’re taught
to avoid every day.

But sooner or later
you’ll be by yourself
and find that there is
immense value and wealth
in sitting in silence
and learning to listen.
The world breathes in with a sigh
and out with a hiss.

And then comes a calm,
of a most glorious sort,
where you are king of the castle,
queen of the fort in your heart,
and the master of your mind.
In quiet we learn
to be patient and kind.

By yourself you can learn
how to get to know you,
and really
that’s the only time you get to.

So learn to take loneliness
into your arms as a friend.
Sooner or later
it will come to an end.

And after,
as you step into the sun,
you’ll hear all hearts of the world
beating as one.


The Storm of My Life

The following is an emulation of Anne Sexton’s poem The Room of My Life. For those who haven’t read the poem, I highly recommend it.


in the storm of my life

the world has been swallowed by a hurricane.

Gulls cry out.

Animalistic kinship draws dolphins and whales to breach waves,

whose crest is a kiss between water and sky.

Each time they touch a void of chaos lingers as aftertaste.

The salt spray: a means to rub dead skin from body.

The wind: a hand extended to sunken locker.

The water: waiting to gulp down a soup of ships and sailors.

Captain and crew, exhausted in an attempt to stay afloat.element-laptop-waves-ocean-storm-elements-foam

The searchlight on shore: a blazing torch to call all home.

The doors of Heaven and Hell are blown wide open

until they catch in the crossfire and slam shut,

birthing the Void

that resides upon Earth

and within me.

I feed the rise and fall of waves,

offering up to stormclouds the feast that is my mind.

The lightning is  the jolt of my heartbeat and thunder is my soul

crashing on and on in my chest.